SHIELDpro XL Healthcare Face Shield - Made In Canada

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HSPR8560-XL - SHIELDpro XL Healthcare Face Shield

Skandacor’s SHIELDpro XL face shields are PPE devices used by many workers in the health care industry. They effectively protect the facial area and associated mucous membranes (eyes, nose, mouth) from splashes, sprays and spatter of body fluids. Face shields are generally used in conjunction with a face mask. The SHIELDpro XL face shield has been designed with the user in mind. We have incorporated a foam forehead band for comfort and 1/2” wide woven elastic that comfortably keeps the face shield firmly attached, without catch points for hair. The shield consists of a sheet of high clarity 250 micron PVC or PET material that provides strength and is also lightweight.

Made in Canada - Health Canada Approved for Healthcare Use!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review